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Consistent growing media with reliable biological active ingredients at your service, this is our promise to growers all over North America.
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Grower Profile:
The Garden Gateway

In the following article, meet Moose and Adelia Mountcastle, business owners and loyal PRO-MIX converts!

In 1972, keeping with the area’s horticulture roots, Richard and Patti Boonstra started a mail-order perennial operation, Bluestone Perennials.

Grower Profile:
Bluestone Perennials

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Grower Profiles

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"We can always count on PRO-MIX® products and their Grower Services team. "

"PRO-MIX consistently delivers quality growing media for us."

" Premier Tech worked very hard to get us what we needed when we needed it. They take all the risk out of it. "

"PRO-MIX’s Grower Services team is always there for us."

" Using PRO-MIX® HP® BIOFUNGICIDE™ + MYCORRHIZAE™ has helped improve plant growth and there is no longer any need to drench for root disease. "